SellCell.Com Add QuickSell as BuyBack Partner

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Last updated May 2, 2019

QuickSell-Logo, the US’s largest comparison site for selling used mobile phones, is proud to add a new, trusted buyer to the site, QuickSell. SellCell offers users a comparison of the US’s most trusted mobile phone buyback companies, ensuring users get the best value and experience when looking to trade in their old device. By reviewing the prices and services of a large selection of the best buyback companies in the US, users ensure they are always getting the highest value for their device across buyers that have already been vetted by the SellCell Team.


Partners that are introduced to the comparison experience have already been rigorously checked by the SellCell Recruitment Team, to ensure that they offer users the speediest, simplest and best value when selling their old devices.


What makes QuickSell a good BuyBack Partner? was started in 2016 with the mission of offering the most competitive prices for secondhand electronics while maintaining best-in-class customer service.  Through clear communication and honest business ethics, QuickSell have worked hard to ensure our customers feel confident when doing business with them.


Josh at QuickSell explains “We offer top dollar for individuals looking to sell their new, used, cracked, or damaged iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.


He continues.. “As soon as an order is placed with QuickSell, a prepaid shipping label and packing slip are sent by email explaining the next steps.  A member of the support team will send a follow up-email after the order is placed to assist further. Once a customer’s trade-in order is received, a notification email is sent confirming delivery.  From there, a number of diagnostic tests are run on each device to verify the model and condition match up with the order details”.


“Our promise is to inspect devices fairly, and if we find that a device does not match what was described in the order, an email will be sent with pictures and/or a detailed explanation outlining the findings.  If a revised offer is made based on inspection findings, customers will have the option to either accept the updated offer and have their payment issued, or decline the offer and have their device shipped back free of charge. We guarantee to pay the full quoted amount or we’ll ship the device back free of charge. Lastly, customers can select one of three different payment methods:  PayPal, electronic check, or standard paper check”.


QuickSell are one of the many highly rated buyback companies that offer users a great experience when selling your old phone. If you want to ensure that you get the very best price for your old device, ensure you visit to check out a range of prices across top BuyBack companies.   

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