MWC 2018 – Here’s The Latest News

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Last updated April 12, 2019


It’s finally here! After weeks of anticipation the mobile technology event of the year has arrived! With some of the leading brands in the mobile and tablet industry expected to showcase their latest and greatest pieces of tech, this event is surely not one to miss.

The rumours and leaks have been in abundance this year, with big announcements from Nokia, Huawei and Sony expected as well a Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be making its first appearance to the public.

No matter what the rumours say, it all falls down to the opening day. We will be showing you what you can expect to see in Barcelona today…

Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus

Undoubtedly the most anticipated phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus has already been unveiled to the press and many journalists and gadget experts have witnessed the flagship device in action.

Many of the rumours were true. When glancing at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, aesthetically, there is not a huge difference between the latest and the latter. But it’s not what’s on the outside that makes this phone so appealing. The phone now boasts an upgraded camera, a fresh facial recognition system and (like the iPhone X) all new AR Emojis?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are available for pre-order come March 2nd for around $719.99. A little bit cheaper than the launch price of the S8, just under a year ago.

New Technology from Sony

Sony has once again delivered with their latest flagship device. The Xperia X2 is an upgrade for those looking for a smarter and sleeker phone compared to its earlier models. As expected, the camera is once again phenomenal and the phone is following trends with it’s thin bezels. But it’s its brand new features such as a Dynamic Vibration System which makes this device stand out. The system uses vibrations when watching media, enhancing your experience. It’s little brother, the Sony Xperia X2 Compact will also be making an appearance too.
Nokia are back with a bang!

Nokia have already been making noise over the past year with the release of the Nokia 7 and the re-release of the classic 3310. This convention, Nokia are showing off four new smartphones including the Nokia 1, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Hoping to squeeze their way to the top of the mid-range market, Nokia are releasing a flagship phone – the Nokia 8 Sirocco, boasting a beautiful 5.5inch OLED screen, fingerprint scanning and the ever-popular dual camera. Coming in at a whopping $749, is the price just a little too expensive?

Last year saw the return of the 3310, this year the banana phone is back. The Nokia 8810, formerly known as the banana phone, is being re-released with a 2018 upgrade. The iconic device now comes with 4G, but don’t worry, still maintains that everlasting battery.

New Tablets From Huawei

There is very little info on these device at the moment. One thing that can be certain is that there is a range of tablets under the series name: The MediaPad 5. The tablets are expected to be expensive and fall into higher end of the market but information is sparse and these details may change as the week concludes.

The LGV30 gets an upgrade

It’s big, it’s thin and it looks like the LGV30…. It’s the LGV30S ThinQ. The phone does have some great new features but they are ever so similar to both Samsung and Apple’s recent ventures. AR, bigger storage and a slightly improved camera. There’s not much more to add really…

A surprise from Alcatel HQ

Alcatel are known for their budget phones. For many, it’s a trusty backup for those that have broken or smashed their main device. Your opinion may be swayed with the recent launch of the Alcatel 5. The latest phone from Alcatel has a number of cool features such as facial recognition, a dual selfie camera and a great display screen which are popular among mid-range and flagship phones, however at just $280, this budget phone packs a hefty punch with a little cost.

As you all can imagine, Samsung are currently stealing the show with the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and after their opening show last night, it is surely going to stay on the lips of all entrants this week.

It seems that a lot of the big-named companies have held back this year, which is understandable after observing the snowballing hype for Samsung’s latest flagship phone. However it’s Nokia and Alcatel that have took the press by surprise and it seems that both companies are looking to gain tracks over the next week.

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