Samsung Galaxy S4: Something New for January

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Last updated April 12, 2019


Cast your minds back to early on this year, we saw the Galaxy S3 launched and since then the flagship Smartphone has become a popular competitor to the Apple iPhone. However, we could now see the Galaxy S4 sooner then we thought at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2013.

How Do We Know it’s the S4?

I will be honest with you, the fact is that we can’t say for certain at the moment but everything points to its release. The South Korean electronics giant have recently posted on their blog that something will be launched between 8th – 11th of January 2013. The blog post was cryptic enough and doesn’t give a lot away, but some of the words that they have used are quite interesting – “The World is Waiting”.

Samsung Shuns Mobile World Congress

Set to take place in Barcelona in February 2013, the MWC event is always a talking point of the year where we hear news of new product and launches. Samsung have decided to shun the idea of attending this event and have instead decided to launch their own event a month before.

Isn’t the CES Event More TV Focused?

The Consumer Electronics Show in January does tend to focus its attention more towards TVs, which as we know is Samsung’s biggest line. Therefore, this new product launch could be a new TV and not a mobile.

So if you are waiting for the Galaxy S4 and holding off buying an S3 then my advice would be to keep waiting it out until all becomes clear early next year.