Google Calls Time on Shopping Service in China

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Last updated April 12, 2019


The rapport between Google and China has always been built on the love-hate relationship that they have with one another, and with the search giants latest announcement nothing has changed. Google have now decided to pull their shopping service from China due to low expectations.

It wasn’t all that long ago (October if I am not mistaken), that we saw Google close its music search service in China after they found it hard to compete with the likes of Baidu (The Chinese Web Services Company).

Now, just a few months after they put a stop to the music, we see that Google are looking to better optimize resources by shutting down the shopping service that was to act as a bridge between the three main influencers: retailers, shoppers and traders.

To soften the blow Google have stated on their China blog that they are still fully devoted to helping Chinese business and retailers in exporting their products around the world.

I think one thing is for certain, we will see this love-hate relationship continue over the coming years, and who knows how it will end.