Repair Old Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Most people, when their old cell phones run out of power and just stops working, tend to throw them out (or use the cell phone recycling process, if they’re responsible) and then go out and buy themselves a brand new phone.  Fortunately, there may now be another option thanks to  Located in Glendale, the company, well known and widely respected for its skills in old cellular phone repair, software upgrades and other accessories, has now unveiled its latest service which goes under the name of “No Power Repair Service”.

As the name suggests, the new service promises to repair old cell phones which appear to have simply run out of power quickly and at no great cost.  The repair service thus not only saves the customer the much greater cost of having to pay out for a brand new cell phone, but also saves them the time and annoyance of having to enter all of their established cell phone information into that brand new phone.  With so many contacts, applications and various other aspects of information that are stored on old cell phones these days, transferring all of that information can be a time consuming and costly endeavor all by itself.  Old cell phones that will just not turn on, have overheated or shorted out or keeping continually turning themselves on and off are all covered under the new service.  Even those with old cell phones that are genuinely broken could find the service useful, as it may be able to retrieve information stored on it for easy transfer of that info to a new phone.