Wayne County Gets Into Cell Phone Recycling To Protect Women

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Wayne County is no stranger to recycling, with numerous programs to recycle practically anything and everything, from eye glasses to hearing aids, drugs and of course old cell phones.

The cell phone recycling program run out of Wayne County is run by the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes at 132 Harrison Street in Newark.  The Center is open from eight thirty am in the morning to four pm in the afternoon and all old cell phones which are donated are either kept and reused or sent for recycling.  “We send the phones to a recycling center and use the money received to purchase phones with minutes for victims of domestic and sexual violence,” says the executive director of the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, Ramona Palmer.

Further information can be found by sending a message to Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes’ email address, at www.vrc132@verizon.net.

The Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes have been helped of late by a scheme known as the Green Team @ Park, a community group which aims to offer locals the chance to reuse and recycle their everyday items.  The group has collected items including computer monitors, televisions, tires, gas grills, scrap metal, lawn mowers, propane tanks and of course used cell phones, which they were happy to donate to the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes.  “It turned out that our community is much more passionate than we gave it credit for about reducing what we put into the landfills,” says Donna Blondell, a member of the Green Team @ Park.