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Three Earpiece Technologies to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

In a few short years, mobile phones have become ubiquitous, and like many new technologies, it carries unknown health risks. Inconclusive evidence shows that heavy mobile phone use may put people at risk for brain cancer. This seems to be a result of the large amount of radiation generated by mobile phones and absorbed by […]

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Benefits of Using a Digital POS System

These days most retailers have a website and retail location that they need to sell their products. Digital POS or point-of-sale systems allow ecommerce retailers to sell products in a physical store, while also selling those same products online. Digital POS systems are offered by online ecommerce platforms and they can automatically sync with your […]

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5 Great Apps That Will Help You Kick Smoking For 2014

If cigarettes were invented today there is no way they would be legal. You would have to buy them from a dealer standing on a street corner, so I can definitely understand why you want to quit. Smelly clothes, lung cancer, and yellow teeth are just a few of the treats you would get to […]