Top 8 Apps for Your Android Smartphone

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system today with over 1.3 million apps. You can find multiple apps for a specific purpose in the Google Play store. It is somewhat difficult for an average user to find and install a few useful apps from such a large database. In this article, you will meet a few Android apps that may be especially useful to you. These apps are for specific purposes, such as productivity, podcasts, entertainment, instant messaging, task management, etc.

1. Agent

Agent is a free app that can read text messages to you while driving. It also lets you dictate your replies. Agent can assist you in identifying the spot where you park your car by putting a marker on a map. Agent is a good personal assistant with an automatic battery saving option, automatic silencing while you are on meetings, and emergency call mode while you are sleeping.

2. ComiXiology

This is a comics app for Android. The app gives your phone access to over 50,000 comics and graphic novels from DC, Marvel, Disney, Image Comics, and IDW. You can also buy comics using the app for between 1 – 3 dollars.

3. Google Translate

If you would like to translate text to any language, you can use the Google Translate Android app, which provides translations to over 70 different languages. The app works with direct text input, handwriting, symbols, spoken text, or text recognition through camera.

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Did you know that Google Chrome provides an app for remote desktop connections? This app, available from the Google Play store as well as the Chrome web store, allows you to access other computers as well as other people to access yours. The app is fully cross-platform, available for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers.

5. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a paid podcast manager for Android. It provides podcasts from a number of sources and has such features as auto download, syncing, backup, storage, Chromecast (podcasting directly to your TV), sleep timer, themes, sharing, etc.

6. Google Keep

Google Keep is the perfect replacement for such apps as SpringPad and Evernote. With Keep, you can create simple notes, dictate your memos and reminders, and sync your notes among multiple devices. Keep works on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

7. Mint

Mint is the perfect app for personal finance management. It can be used to unify your bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards. You can track all your transactions and categorize them to know your cash position better and save more.

8. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messenger for Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. It’s a highly popular app with nearly a billion downloads. The app can be used to start chats with your friends, get into group chats, and share multimedia files.


It seems you can be highly productive with your Android smartphone. There are apps to do practically any task. A simple browsing of the Google Play store reveals some exciting apps that you can download and install on your device. Some of these apps make good use of your smartphone’s features to give you additional options.