Old Cell Phone Driving Laws Fall on Deaf Ears

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Warnings and even laws banning the use of new or old cell phones by those operating a motor vehicle seem to be being completely ignored by the great majority of all adult drivers in the United States, according to the results of a new survey.  The survey, which was conducted by the Harris Poll, questioned more than 2000 adults online between the 13th and 20th of June this year, and found that while 91 percent of them are aware of the dangers, no less than 60 per cent continue to use cell phones while driving a motor vehicle, even though they are fully aware of the dangers and the fact that in many states they are breaking the law.
Over one in five drivers either talk or send text messages on their cell phone while behind the wheel of their motor vehicle, the survey says.  There is some good news, however, given that the number has actually fallen in the last two years since 2009.  In 2009 the number of adults who used cell phones while driving was around 72 per cent, a fall of 12 per cent in just two years.  The number of people who text they are while driving has also fallen by six per cent, from 27 to 22.  49 per cent of drivers under the age of 35 use cell phones while driving, as opposed to 24 per cent for those aged between 35 and 46, and just 12 per cent for those 47 and over.