New Cell Phone App Targets Distracted Driving

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A new application for smartphones is targeting distracted driving by disabling the functions of the device while the user is operating a motor vehicle.  Sprint is just the latest cell phone carrier to get involved in the campaign against distracted driving with its creation of the cell phone application known as Sprint Drive First.  Sprint Drive First locks the cell phone whenever the car that it is in begins traveling more than ten miles per hour and is being aimed at parents rather than teenage drivers themselves.
When the app is being used, any calls received by the cell phone will be sent directly to voicemail, while any alerts for texts or emails will also be silenced with a customizable message automatically sent in response.  Once the car ceases moving, the application will be able to detect the fact and will then resume functioning in a normal manner.  In order to take into account delays for traffic, the application will not unlock the cell phone until the car has been idle for more than a couple of minutes at least.
Exit and 911 buttons can also be used to unlock the cell phone, though parents can elect to be notified should this happen.
The application will be instantly available on all phones with the Android operating system upon being launched, and will cost just $2 per month.