Motorola Razr Debuts Luxury Gold Edition Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Motorola has a knack for introducing premium mobile phones to the public every few years. In fact, the last luxury handset that graced the Motorola name was a Dolce and Gabanna, or D&G cell phone. The company has decided to create and manufacture an even better Razr model for true Motorola consumers.

When this newest model of the Motorola Razr was released, there was a lot of aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns that followed the launch. These adverts could be seen in many places including television, print, and social media. The television advert was a simple, yet extremely effective campaign. The advert was dedicated to showcasing the outside features of the phone including controls that link to a software inside of the phone. This software allows the cell phone to play music. Although the ad was not created with a lot of flash, the company reached its target market. Sales for this handset have been steady with more consumers embracing the features of the phone.

Upgrading To a Luxury Edition

Motorola decided that there needed to be a wider range of models for this style of phone, and thus the Motorola Razr Luxury Gold Edition handset was born. This can be a mouthful to say, and many consumers have shortened the name to Motorola Luxury, Motorola Gold, or The Luxury Motorola phone.

What Makes This Model Different?

This luxury model handset has many of the same functions and features as the original model. The only difference between these two phones is the exterior. The exterior of the luxury model has been completely revamped with materials that help to give the phone a designer feel.

The Features

The Razr luxury phone still has the 2.0 megapixel digital camera. This camera has flash and zoom included. You can also record up to 3 hours of video with this cell phone, and consumers have the ability to store over 80 songs in the MP3 player that is included in the handset.

There is one thing that makes this model phone different from any of the other flip phones that are currently on the market, and that is the size of the screen. The external screen boasts a size of 2 inches, and consumers are able to do everything from selecting music to check their messages without having to open the phone to do so.

Once the consumer opens the handset, they will see an even larger internal screen. This is the screen that is best suited for users that need to access the internet on their phone.

What Does It Look Like?

You will definitely know you are looking at a luxurious cell phone when you see this model. The phone has a standard black colour, but there is diamond pattern that is prominent on the edge. This phone is definitely a step above the Razr from the past. The newest model is thinner, sleeker, and has more features than any of the previous models.

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