LTE in Europe is Cheaper Than In The US

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Last updated April 12, 2019

LTE in Europe is Cheaper Than In The USI hear many of you asking why? As we know Verizon is the market leader when it comes to 4G LTE technology, launching the LTE network back in 2010.

However Sweden was first to the punch and launched a 4G LTE network over 3 years ago now, in 2009.

So to answer the question on why the US is more expensive: A study was carried out in London, England which was picked up by the New York Times and showed that at the moment there are 27 million LTE subscribers in the world, half of which are from here in the US.

Now, you would think being part of the world’s largest LTE network would mean that prices should fall right? Wrong…

The joint venture between Vodafone and Verizon has customers paying on average $7.50 per GB of data, whilst in Europe you are looking at the equivalent to $2.50. Bite your fists now….as Sweden pay just 63 cents.

Anyone fancy moving to Sweden?