Legislators Edgy over Cell Phone Driving Ban Proposal

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Legislators in Pennsylvania in the United States are uneasy about the proposal from the National Transportation Safety Board for a bill that would ban all use of new and old cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Legislators say they are unconvinced such a bill would pass, with many local law enforcement agencies saying that, whatever the merits of the idea, having the manpower to be able to effectively enforce such a law would be another matter entirely.

State Rep Keith Gillespie, says he would support such a ban, though State Rep Eugene Depasquale, while agreeing that the evidence showing a link between the use of cell phones while driving and car crashes is clear, has doubts that the public would support a full ban on all cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle. “The public is just not there”, he says.

State Rep Will Tallman notes that the idea of a complete cell phone ban is “very controversial” even among legislators, with some seeing it simply as a safety issue, but others regarding such a measure as being a clear invasion of privacy. “I do disagree with the NTSB on hands-free,” Tallman admits. “It’s going to be a tricky bill to get done.”

Indeed, State Rep Scott Perry does not believe it is even necessary, noting that there are already laws against distracted driving, using cell phones or otherwise.