Law Meets Law Over Used Cell Phone Hacking

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Actor Jude Law will be meeting with American law enforcers (in the form of the FBI) to discuss claims his used cell phone was hacked by journalists working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Law stated that his old cell phone had been hacked by reporters while working in the United Kingdom and has claimed that the hacking continued in the United States – a claim that the FBI, which has begun an investigation into the conduct of Murdoch’s media empire in the US following the massive scandal in the UK, is keen to follow up on.
Law has already launched a lawsuit against News International, claiming that both The Sun and the now defunct News of the World both illegally hacked his cell phone for private data they could use in stories on a repeated basis for many years.
If the cell phone hacking did indeed continue on American soil, then Murdoch’s News Corp could potentially face criminal charges across the pond, something that would damage the company even greater than the scandal that has already erupted in the United Kingdom.
Murdoch himself has returned to the United States following questioning by the UK parliament last week, but any hopes he may have had of having an easier time back on US soil were well and truly dashed by the news that Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg has now also raised questions over the conduct of his corporation.