Is Your Daily Jog Flagging? You Need A Personal Stereo To Hit The Ground Running!

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Last updated April 12, 2019

If the soundtrack to your daily run is the busy noises of buses and cars then it’s no wonder you might struggle to keep motivation up! Research has proven that listening to upbeat music when undertaking any form of exercise sends energy levels through the roof. You’ll forget you’re even running at all once you get lost in your own personal concert. You might think that using a personal stereo is not an option when you’re all hot and sweaty, but it is – you just need to pick the right one.

So, let your next run be all the way to the personal stereo shop! But before you commit, there are some things that you need to know when choosing a stereo to work out with.

Sweat Threat


No ordinary stereo or pair of headphones will survive regular exposure to sweat. You need custom-made equipment that is built to stand up to some serious moisture – and proper sports headphones are available on the market, though some come at quite a price. Some earphones are built so that you can actually rinse them out after every run, making them far more hygienic too.


Your personal stereo needs to be able to stand up to some pretty high impact. This is less of a problem than in the days of personal CD players when CDs would skip on every other footstep! But you still need a stereo that will withstand some pretty harsh treatment so make sure whichever one you choose is built for the job.


Huge headphones might well offer unrivalled sound quality, but do you really want them flying around your head as you run? It’s off-putting to say the least. Opt for a discreet pair of headphones or earphones that fit well and stay in place easily. The stereo itself should be water-resistant too, and easily-operated. You won’t want to be stopping to fiddle with wires and buttons – this is counterproductive. Whatever you choose should be easy to stop and start without making your run stop and start. Some earphones have a control panel on the lead which is far easier to use when on the move.


As wonderful as it would be to shut out all exterior noise, it’s pretty unsafe. You still need to be able to hear that noisy bus – particularly if it’s just about to hit you! Choose earphones that still enable you to hear outside noise too, and keep volumes at sensible levels. This will also protect your hearing. (If you’re using them at the gym then feel free to block out all the noise of other people grunting and panting!).

Believe us, once you arm yourself with the right personal stereo system there will be no stopping you – don’t be surprised if you manage extra kilometres without even realising! Due to the advent of Spotify, you will also become an expert on the back-catalogue of all your favourite bands, for free… so what are you waiting for? Get jigging with your jogging!

A good pair of earphones can help you get the maximum from your jogging routine.