iPhone Trade In Program: 5 Things You Should Do

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iPhone Trade In Tips: 5 Things You Should Do

These days, phone prices have soared as technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. iPhone’s have always held a big value when it comes to both selling and trading them in, so it pays to be safe when you part ways with your old iPhone to make way for a new Smartphone.

We wanted to offer you our 5 best tips, when selling your iPhone, so without delay let’s get stuck in…

#1 – Take Photos Before Trading

We have heard many people say that iPhone Trade In programs are knocking down prices because they have spotted wear and tear on devices. In most cases, the phones that are sent off do have wear and tear, scratches, cracked screens and so forth, so buyback companies will reduce the quote because of this.

photos of an iphone

However, if you feel like you are being wrongly downgraded, then we always advise that no matter what phone you are selling, that you always take a few photos (with a date stamp). You then have proof of exactly what condition your phone is in, so if you feel a revised quote is unfair you have photos to challenge that decision.

We should point out that this doesn’t happen often, but it’s just a practical tip to know and it takes a few seconds to snap a couple of photos.

#2 – Unlink Your iCloud Account

If you have iOS 7 (which most people do) then pay attention to this tip. Firstly, to find out which version of Apple’s Operating System you are running simply head to Settings, General, and then into About.


This will then show you the Version (which is usually about 4 rows down).


All buyback companies won’t be able to accept your iPhone for trade in, if you don’t unlink your iCloud account as this renders the phone locked.

The easisest way to perform an unlock before you send your phone off is to head into the Settings Menu, click on iCloud.


Now scroll down to the bottom of the next screen and Delete Account. You will then need to enter your Apple ID and password to be able to turn off this feature.


The second option to turn off iCloud is to sign in to iCloud.com. This is a useful option is your selling a broken or damaged iPhone.


Login using your Apple ID and password, click “Find My iPhone” and then select the iPhone you want to trade in from the “All Devices” dropdown menu. Then you can simply “Remove From Account”.

#3 – Wipe Your Data

Buyback companies will remove data from your phone for you, but most people like to erase data themselves before sending off their iPhone, and understandably so, as you do not want photos, messages and private emails shared with anyone else do you?

For this, we advise that you take a few minutes to watch our “How To Guide” on how to restore your iPhone to factory settings and completely remove any data before completing your iPhone trade in.

Here is the video for you:

#4 – Ship It Tracked & Insured

Buyback companies will tend to send free posting materials and a free post label, which is nice of them. However, if you are trading in an iPhone then the chances are it’s going be a fair few hundred dollars. For this, we advise strongly that you pay a little cash to send the phone through a traceable and secured method so that if anything does happen you have it insured.

Depending on where you are based, and where the buyback company is based will depend on the price. You can always head to the USPS site which will allow you to input a To and From zip code and then specify the service you desire.


As an example, if you lived in Fort Lauderdale (where we are based) and your chosen recycler was in Texas then you can send your phone tracked and insured for under $6.

#5 – Package Your iPhone Securely

To avoid and mishaps during transit we always advise that you pack your iPhone well so that no damage can be sustained to the screen or body of the phone, and so the phone doesn’t move about.

For this, cardboard, bubble wrap or shredded paper can come in quite useful as the cardboard can be used to keep the phone in one place while the paper or bubble wrap can protect it.

bubble wrapped

Finally, when an iPhone trade in has been successfully completed with your buyback company, what happens to your iPhone after you have sent it off and been paid?

We answer that question is this short video on the path a phone takes from the moment you ship it to the moment it starts a new life.