iPhone 5 Problems: Screen Flickering [VIDEO]

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Much like the Samsung vs Apple saga that has continued week after week, so to has the amount of iPhone 5 complaints that have arisen. These complaints aren’t just isolated incidents either, they have been reported numerous times, in numerous countries.

This time it’s a problem with the screen flickering when the keyboard pops up for you to start typing on. Have you noticed anything like this yet?


At the moment speculation has it, that the issue is being caused by a software fault on the phones but Apple as of yet haven’t released any kind of statement to what it actually is that causes the flickering.


So What Happens?


As soon as the keyboard is launched on the iPhone 5 the rest of the screen distorts, showing jagged lines (one source explains that it is like an old TV trying to find the right channel frequency).





One person has been helpful enough to upload this problem to YouTube, and we have embedded the video below for you.