Could We See a 3GB Samsung Phone Next Year?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

All reports show that this is very possible, especially with a leaked photo that shows a 3GB sticker shown on the front of a Samsung phone, at a Samsung test lab.

This photo appears to be the genuine article, and of course if this does prove to be the case then this could really help with the running of future generation phones that crave for higher specs. You will be able to multi-task better, the phone will generally run a lot smoother and games and apps will load faster.

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 Could We See a 3GB Samsung Phone Next Year?

The last few years the need for more RAM has been a major part of the advancements in mobile technology. I remember a few years ago when 1GB was considered the best of the best, to then be overtaken last year with the first 2GB phone, and now a 3GB in the midst.

Could this possibly be the Galaxy S IV (S4) which has been speculated to launch earlier next year? Who knows, I guess we will just have to wait until 2013 to find out.