How to Sell a Cell Phone that is Damaged

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Usually, when I write about recycling cell phones for cash, I talk about cells that are in good condition, because those are the phones which bring in the highest offers. But, not every cell phone is in good condition. So we need to address how to sell a cell phone that is damaged or non-working.

Most cell phone recyclers provide a standard non-working price in the form of a percentage. This can be anywhere between 10 to 50 percent of the good condition price. If the damage is minimal, you may even see an offer of as high as 90 percent of the good condition price.

Damage that typically reduces an offer includes:

  • Damaged casing; a few nicks or scratches are okay, but cracks and major scuffs are not
  • Cracked or scratched screen
  • Missing, damaged, or non-working keys
  • Won’t turn on

Sending a phone pin-locked will also reduce the offer, so try setting it back to factory settings before you send it. If your phone won’t turn on, depending upon what kind it is, it may be worth investing in a new battery to raise the offer price.

Even if the offer is minimal because your cell has been down the toilet or dropped on the pavement one too many times, it is still worth considering selling it. If nothing else, it keeps the cell phone from becoming toxic waste in a landfill and allows the metals to be reused.

Whatever condition your cell is in, always send it clean, charged (if possible), and free of personal information.