How the iPhone Changed Smartphones

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You ever have one of those days where you go onto a site to read one specific article and you end up staying and reading several?  I did that today on SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicle’s news site.  First, I read about the future of mobile, which was highly interesting and then I came across an article addressing the effect Apple has had on smartphones.

Basically, with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple turned the mobile industry inside out – and it happened at a key time in the technology’s development.

Think about it, before Apple, we had cell phones; we made phone calls, sent texts to our friends, and maybe played some music.  Then the iPhone came along, allowing us to do all of that and much more – in an easy-to-use and exciting way.  Of course, its massive popularity just cried out for the technology to be copied; and it was.  Nowadays we have Android – who is itself, pushing the envelope on mobile technology – as well as Palm, RIM and Microsoft, who have all copied Apple features.

Every time you use your fingers to interact with a screen, you can thank Apple.  Before the iPhone, we didn’t think of the screen as the phone.  Now, because of their introduction to the gesture interface, we find ourselves poking our fingers on non-touch reactive surfaces and wondering why they don’t respond.

When you think back on cell phone technology pre-2007, you can see that the technology grew, but at a much slower pace.  Now, since the advent of the iPhone, each year since has brought new and amazing changes.  Thanks Apple!