Good News For All Cell Users: A Universal Charger is Coming

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The Micro-USB Port is going to be the prototype for a general charger. This news is sure to be welcomed whole-heartedly by thousands of smartphone users, because there is almost nothing as bad as when you lose your own charger and can’t use a charger anyone else has.

It was in June 2009 when the initial agreement for making a new standard was made. Thus, there has been a delay in any action being taken. The specifications of the standard will incorporate all of those used by chief cell manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and RIM.

Things came into action lately when particulars of the planned new standard were sent to fourteen of the chief members at the European Commission. Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission and the Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship spoke to the Daily Telegraph: “Now it is time for industry to show its commitment to sell cell phones for the new charger. The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste and benefit businesses. It is a true win-win situation.”

It deserves to be mentioned that the charger that is coming up will be attuned to data-enabled phones of different manufacturers.

The cell phone society is happy to receive this good news. For example, Jonathan Leggett, director of (the cell phone comparison website) said:  “[This is] “a welcome step forward for consumers as well as the environment.”

He also said: “I think most British people will own up to having a drawer at home stuffed full of redundant cell phone chargers.”

However, the launch date of this charger has not yet been announced.