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A rather dark version of the idea of cell phone recycling has been uncovered with prison authorities having discovered that someone has somehow smuggled an old cellular phone into notorious murderer Charles Manson.  This marks the second time in as many years that Charles Manson appears to have benefitted from someone’s decidedly warped interpretation of the notion of cell phone recycling.

Manson is serving a life sentence in a Californian prison for the murder of actress Sharon Tate, who starred in the famous cult movie “Valley of the Dolls” and was the wife of director Roman Polanski, and six other people in 1969 in what has been described as one of the most notorious mass murders in the entire history of the United States.  It is believed that prison guards may actually be responsible for the unusual form of cell phone recycling, although prison spokesman Terry Thornton would only tell the Los Angeles Times that an investigation was still being conducted as to how the infamous killer acquired the phone.  Manson was last caught with an old cell phone in 2009.  The seventy six year old has been charged with violating prison rules, and faces a disciplinary hearing, but possessing a cell phone within the prison is not in itself actually considered to be a crime.  That being said, thirty days of extra prison time were added to his already considerable sentence after the discovery of the first old cell phone in his prison cell two years ago.