Cycle Away With These 4 Ultimate Cycling Apps For Android

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Are you an avid cycling enthusiast? Do you consider cycling to be your prime fitness mantra and the key to good health? If yes, technology couldn’t get any better for you than this! What follows is a list of five incredible cycling apps for all you cycling fanatics out there. Have a look to find out for yourself!

MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding

All you cycling enthusiasts out there, if you’re looking for a perfect app or a one-stop power house to take care of anything and everything as far as your cycling routine is concerned, look no further than MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding. This is an ultimate cycling app, which is simple and easy to use, and provides you with a score of functions such as tracking your speed, distance, elevation, calories, and duration, route navigation, real time stats about your heart rate, speed and cadence, and much more! Besides, the app also gives out voice prompts regarding your progress, and also lets you compete on local courses. Whether you’re a racer, a commuter, a recreational cyclist, or just cycle for workout purposes, this is arguably the best training and tracking app for all avid cyclists.

Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling is yet another incredible and popular cycling app when it comes to tracking your ride. This remarkable app is equipped with all the statistics and data required in order to track your ride and analyze your performance. With the help of Strava you can check your speed and distance, you can calculate your heart rate, keep a tab on your progress, and what not. Furthermore, the app pushes that competitive urge in you, letting you track your time over a certain ‘segment’ or stretch of road, allowing you to compete or rate against other riders or even yourself – a perfect dose of motivation for you to train harder!

Runtastic Road Bike

Runtastic Road Bike is a comprehensive road biking app which is so complete in itself, that it’s literally as good as having a bike computer on the go! Whether you are a professional cyclist, a racer, a leisure rider, a commuter, or even someone out and about on a bicycle tour, Road Bike by Runtastic is the ultimate app for GPS tracking, data measurement, and performance analyzing. This app effortlessly lets you track your pace, heart rate, distance, time, calories, speed, as well as elevation. Furthermore, it gives you access to live map features, open street map integration, and offline maps from Google Maps, as well as weather feedback. You can even track your route in real time and share it with friends and other riders on social networking portals – sweet!

Info Cycling 2013

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Do you love following cycling as a sport? Hate missing out on your favorite cycling tours? Worry not – just download Info Cycling 2013 onto your smart phone right away and you’re good to go! Without out a doubt, Info Cycling 2013 is one of the best apps available in the market, if you’re looking to follow the entire cycling season on your smart cellular device. Be it any touring event such as Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana, or Giro d’Italia, this spectacular app has all World Tour events updated on a daily basis. Complete with all the schedules, standings, information regarding the riders and teams performing, and stages, Info Cycling 2013 will make sure you never miss out on even a single aspect of your favorite cycling events!

Bike Repair

Having problems with your bike? Need some repair tips? Want to save money and time by avoiding a trip to a bike repair shop? If yes, think no more and download Bike Repair onto your Android device. This superb app is literally as good as having your very own personal repair shop! With over 64 detailed photo repair guides and over 300 quality instructional photos, this is an ideal app that helps you with solutions for common bike fixing problems such as flat tires, broken chains, pedal removal, derailleur noises, and so on, in order to maintain your bike in the best possible manner. If that’s not enough, the app even diagnoses your physical ailments such as knee ache, neck pain and so on, caused while biking. All in all, a perfect app to maintain yourself as well as your bike!

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Ken’s Tip: Cycling on a Horizon elliptical trainer is more efficient than using an actual bicycle as you can track the progress.