Control Your House Alarm, From Your iPhone

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The vast majority of homes and businesses are now secured with some form of alarm system. This is, of course, to keep out unwanted intruders and to protect your belongings. However, if you happen to be away from your home or business, such as on holiday or even just being out for the day, you still may occasionally worry about what’s going on. Well, it just so happens that has created an iPhone app to give you some additional peace of mind.

If you have alarm systems installed at home or at work by you now have the ability to monitor what’s going on from a distance. You will see everything in real time through a number of different avenues. The interactive alarm system provides video monitoring, creative ways in which to manage your home’s energy resources and a great way to fully automate your home.

You have the ability to interact with your home through remote control and you will instantly be made aware of any problems. Your system will of course need to compatible with the app through a service plan offered by With that being said, not all the features will be available with all security plans offered and it does depend on the actual equipment and system you have installed.

Remote Features

– You have the ability to check on your property at any time of the day or night to see exactly what’s going on.

– You can arm your security panel while away from the home, as well as the facility to disarm it for any reason.

– You can watch both recorded clips and live video footage from the security cameras you have installed.

– You have the ability to turn lights on and off via the app.

– You can even set the ideal temperature in your home, depending on the current season and weather conditions.

– You can lock and unlock any doors even though you aren’t at the property.

– You can view any images that have the captured by the state of the art image sensors.

– You have the ability to search through your entire event history at any given moment in time.

Other Important Features

There are a number of events which aren’t considered an emergency that you may wish to be informed about, including:

– When your children arrive home from school.

– If your alcohol or medicine cabinets are opened.

– You have forgotten to arm your system.

– A water or flood in any area of the house.

– The security system has been disarmed (and by whom).

– The thermostat settings have been changed.

– Someone other than yourself attempts to log into your account.


The app has been specifically designed for iPhone and iPad, but can also be used with iPod touch. You will require an operating system of iOS 4.3 and the app is fully optimised for iPhone 5. The app is completely free and has received many outstanding reviews from current users.