Congress expected to order cell phone study

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Last updated April 12, 2019

As early as this week, Congress is expected to announce that an investigation by the Government Accountability Office, which lasted a whole year, has found that the cell phone safety regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, which radiation limit rules are as much as 15 years old, are woefully out of date.


Congress is also expected to be intending to urge the agency to examine the way in which children especially might be affected by radio waves.  While the findings of the report will not state whether or not cell phones are safe or dangerous or whether or not they may cause cancer, persistent advocate Devra Davis, who co-founded the public interest group known as the Environmental Health Trust, says that many people such as her finally feel like they are being heard.  “The FCC hears us now,” she states.  “This is just the beginning.”


Davis is one of a minority of scientists who have been warning of the dangers of cell phone radiation for several years, claiming that it not only reduces sperm count but also results in brain and breast cancer, arguments that have largely been brushed aside by officials in the United States.


Davis says that the FCC definitely needs to take a closer look at its calculations, taking into account factors such as people carrying cell phones close to their body as well as demanding different guidelines for children.