Come To School, Bring a Cell Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Schools are not exactly known for encouraging students to bring their cell phones to class, but that may be about to change if a new scheme in the United States takes off.  The Coweta County Board of Education is looking over a new proposal that allows students to use their cell phones in schools under supervision, for the simple reason that the technology allows for a lot more than just making calls unlike old cell phones just ten years ago.

“With all this technology in the kids’ pockets, there’s so much we could now,” says Harry Mullins, a member of the Coweta County Board of Education, who is also the head of the technology committee.  Most cell phones today are essentially small computers, many of which actually have more computing power than many of the desktop PCs in schools; a fact that Mullins believes would be foolish to ignore the potential advantages of.  “We’re going to have to change,” Mullins notes.  “We’re looking at updating our policies and procedures.” While Mullins notes that the cell phones would have to be allowed in only under close supervision, the board has got to at least check out all the possibilities.

The local school system is also trying to find a way to reward PTOs and PTAs who have raised funds for new technology for schools by implementing a matching grant program.  “Our PTOs and PTAs have worked so hard,” says Superintendant Steve Barker.  “It’s a way to show them some gratitude for their hard work.”