Cell Phone Recycling Event for Earth Day

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Newport Computers in Rochester in the United States is staging an event designed to allow people to hand in their old cell phones and other electrical items to be recycled in honor of the upcoming annual Earth Day.  Items such as used cell phones, computers, video games, digital cameras and MP3 players, which would normally cost around ten dollars to dispose of at the local landfill, can be handed in for recycling free of charge from ten o’clock in the morning on Wednesday up until four o’clock in the afternoon on Friday.  However, televisions and appliances such as washing machines will not be accepted.  The company is asking those interested to fill out a form – which can be downloaded from their website – specifying their names and addresses, the type of electrical item(s) they wish to recycle and the estimated time they will hand them over for recycling, in order to try and ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Newport Computers holds an e-Steward certification for their proven disposal of electrical items such as old cell phones in an environmentally responsible manner, one of only a handful of companies to do so all over the world.  “Unwanted electronics have rapidly become the nation’s most significant environmental problem,” says the vice president of Newport Computers, Anne M McKivergan, who encourages all local residents to take part in the event.  “The Newport team looks forward to working with you for a cleaner and better Earth!”