Cloud Hosting: What A CPA Needs To Know

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There is no denying the fact that ‘cloud hosting’ is an indispensable part of business today and is extending its reach to benefit all sectors of business management. To back the statement, Gartner report revealed the statistics of cloud usage over a period of intensive research.

Cloud Storage

In 2009, the cloud revenue was estimated to be $58.6 billion while in 2010; the same was recorded to be $68.3 billion thereby indicating a hike of 16.6%. In the later years, the hike has been increasing in terms of fiscal numbers.

The Changing Perception…

Cloud is not a new road but was of course, the true colors of computing in the sky were not revealed until a few years back. The perception of this technology has taken the shape of web-based work. The need to purchase and set up servers, install the applications and make the necessary configuration to meet system compatibility requirements, run the software, maintain the physical and virtual running state of the systems and perform the necessary upgrades to go hand-in-hand with the latest technology has been eliminated. The structure of this virtual workspace is designed to be delivered as a service to the users where the server space, establishment, processing power, maintenance and upgrade is taken up by the service provider.

The Present Scenario of QuickBooks Hosting by Organizations

A recent research has revealed the following statistics of QB hosting adopting by accountants and individual clients.

Is the Switch to Cloud Worth the Effort?

This question might appear in the minds of almost all accountants planning to move their business applications and data to the cloud. Accounting, taxing, preparation of financial statements and various other

Easy and Quick Implementation of Applications

Most of the hosting providers have various versions of applications or different versions of the same application hosted on their servers. When clients ask for services, they simply have to create the credentials, implement the server security settings and pass on these credentials to the clients so that they can start work without having to wait for long hours. Clients also feel benefitted from these systems since they can collaborate with their team no matter where they are. Besides, all users can work on the same server file from various locations and the file can thus remain updated all the time.

Round-The-Clock Web-Enabled Access from Anywhere

Anytime, anywhere access to business operations and data is an added advantage for organizations. The employees can function remotely with full functionality of the hosted QuickBooks version.

Reduced Upfront Costs

For the practical implementation of a massive system, investment in servers, storage space, IT professionals, office space and various other things is required. Hosted solutions acquired by the end users do not require any hardware investment to be made at the users’ end. The system is installed, configured to run and maintained at the provider’s end. The users simply need to have a web-enabled device which they can use to access their data and business-specific applications.

Reduced Technical Support Expenses

QuickBooks Hosting has made it easy for accountants to continue with their in-hand financial tasks while keeping the worries regarding IT management astray. Since most of the hardware is maintained at the service provider’s end, the technical issues are usually resolved from there.

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