4 Predictions About Apple's September 10th Event

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Last updated January 10, 2024

The media is more than ready for Apple to make it’s September announcements. Rumors are flying all over the place. Here are 4 bold predictions that will result from the famed Apple event:

4. Apple’s iPhone 5S will not disappoint.

It’s been a year since Apple has announced a new version of the iPhone. Many have questioned the ability of Apple to really deliver anything exciting and new. Some have even suggested that the iPhone can’t innovate anymore because it has reached it’s apex. To these people I would say that you are vastly underestimating the power of the worlds largest company. Apple know’s what people are saying about them and they are taking note. Be prepared to get that feeling of “ahh” once again.

3. Apple’s less-expensive iPhone will steal some market share from Android.

Many people have chosen Android simply because it’s less expensive. With the exception of the Samsung galaxy S4, most Android phones easier on the pocket book. So what will happen when Apple comes to town with an iPhone that is in the same price ballpark? We think you will see some market share shift from people who wanted the iPhone but didn’t want to pony up the big price tag. Android has been busy taking huge market share chucks this last year, prepare for some of that to shift back Apple’s way. And as a side note, with the plastic exterior, you’ll want to get a protective iphone case. Here are some options.

2. Apple will announce something more than we are expecting.

So you’ve seen all of the leaked photos, the new colors, and the rumors about a fingerprint scanner, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you know about everything that Apple has in store for this event. Apple is known for always having “one more thing.” We predict Apple has some more interesting innovations hiding up their sleeves. So batten-down the hatches, fasten your safety belt and get ready for a fun ride. Keep in mind that many “leaks” are really planned. Companies like Apple love to give the appearance of a leak because it generates interest, excitement and online chatter before a launch. But remember, they don’t leak everything.

1.If Apple does disappoint, it’s the beginning of the end for Apple’s dominance.

This is really Apple’s chance to re-assert itself as the cream of the crop. If for some reason they are not able to capture our imagination again, the naysayers will finally have reached critical mass and Apple will be on it’s way to being the next Microsoft…which is currently behind on just about everything instead of being the king of the hill that they used to be.

So there you have it. After a long year with virtually nothing out of Apple, we can finally get excited about what’s coming. Whatever happens, you can be sure that their will be crowded lines of people in every major U.S. city all trying to get their hands on the latest and greatest from Apple. Let’s all just hope that what they bring us is worth enduring the long lines and the mocking android users.

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