A Sturdy Phone – The Motorola Razr I Vs. The iPhone 4S

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Last updated April 12, 2019

You’re looking for a new phone, and you know exactly what you want: something dependable, something robust, nice looking, but something that’s not going to break the bank. But which model to go for? With so many great devices on the market right now, and so many great deals offered by mobile service providers, choosing the right phone can be a little bewildering.

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There’s just so much choice, and knowing the tech specs of all the different models is impossible. But we’re here to help you. Today we’re looking at two great mid-level phones. The first is part of the Motorola Razor series, the Motorola Razr i.

The second is the classic Apple iPhone 4S. We put these two models to the test to find out how they compare and what exactly their differences are. They’re both reasonably priced, and aren’t going to break your wallet, but which one is best? If you’re in the market for a great new mid-range device, then read on to find out which one of these two models gets our seal of approval…

Why the Motorola Razr i is a Great Phone…

The Razr has a few really nice features. It is the faster phone, by a lot. It runs an amazing 2000 MHz processor, rather than the much slower 800 MHz processor on the iPhone, making it much more powerful and snappier. It also runs double the RAM, meaning that it’s more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking or running more than one process at a time. The battery life on the Motorola is better too. It averages around forty per cent more talk time per battery charge cycle than the iPhone, twenty hours versus just fourteen hours, meaning that you’ll need to charge your phone a lot less often. And the screen is a lot larger too, measuring in at 4.3 inches over the 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone. Despite having a larger screen, the Razr does come in both thinner and lighter than the iPhone, making it that much more portable.

Why the iPhone 4S is Pretty Good Too…

But the iPhone has its own advantages. First, it has much more storage potential. The Razr comes with 8 GB of internal storage, depending on which model you buy the iPhone comes with up to 64 GB of memory. That means a huge potential difference in the amount of music, photos, games and data you can store on your device. Even though the iPhone has a smaller screen, it does have a better quality display. It has twenty per cent higher screen resolution and thirty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), meaning that the picture quality is brighter, sharper and clearer than that of the Razr. And storage and display quality are two pretty important characteristics of a cell phone…

Which is the Better Buy?

This is a tough choice. The storage and display on the iPhone are very tempting. However, our recommendation is going to the Motorola Razr i. The added power and responsiveness plus the larger screen just persuade us that it’s a better model.

Phil Turner prefers the look and feel of the Motorola Razor over other phones he has looked at and will probably buy himself one in the next few weeks.