Cell phones help to find missing kids

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The great majority of parents will have had a debate with their children at one point or another about the merits, or otherwise, of letting them have a new or old cell phone.  Children invariably want a cell phone, but many parents wonder if they are mature enough to be allowed to handle the responsibility of actually owning one.

One private investigator says that cell phones can be a very good thing as they allow parents to be able to track and keep an eye on their children’s locations, with as many as three major cell phone companies offering this service to concerned parents.  The service works via the use of GPS technology and cell phone towers, and within just a few minutes parents will be able to get a good idea of where their child is.

“I think the technology piece is very critical because now you’re able to pinpoint the exact location most of the time,” says the founder of Graves Investigations, Kerry Graves.

If you possess an iPhone, then all you have to do is activate the “Find my iPhone” setting and that will work equally as well too.  Private detectives also tend to have access to other forms of technology that are able to track down the location of a phone even if those services are not turned on.  Graves says that children are often harder to find than adults are because adults usually leave behind more evidence.