Cell Phone Safety Debate Heating Up

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Last updated April 12, 2019

People have debated for decades whether cell phones can cause brain damage or not.  The radiation emitted by these devices is regarded with great suspicion in some circles.  Medical researchers have yet to reach a definitive conclusion on the issue, but that has not stopped the Supreme Court of Italy from ruling that a brain tumor was in fact the result of extensive exposure to cell phone radiation.

The plaintiff in the case was Innocente Marcolini, who spent five or six hours each day glued to his cell phone in order to conduct business with clients.  This went on for twelve years.

He eventually developed a tumor almost at the very location where the phone tended to touch his head.  After surgery to remove it, he had to contend with a partially paralyzed face.  He was told originally that he could not collect benefits for his disability since it had not been caused by work-related activities.  Marcolini differed, and took the matter to court.

The court ruled that there is indeed a link between tumor development and the use of both cell phones and cordless phones.  To reach its decision, the court relied on studies by a Swedish professor who was presumed to be a neutral researcher, instead of industry-funded studies regarded by many to be inherently flawed.

It is not known yet if the ruling will cause Italians or others to abandon their cell phones.  If so, the best procedure is to recycle cell phones to avoid environmental damage.