Charge Your Phone While Camping Using a Stove (VIDEO)

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Charge Your Phone While Camping Using a Stove (VIDEO)This little gadget is brilliant, if you are the camping type who likes nothing more than packing up a few belongings and then heading off for the weekend you will find this device a lifesaver.

I’ve been camping a few times and always end up with a dead battery in my phone by the end of it, so you will be happy to know that there is a cooking stove which can help you charge up your phone, which has been made by a company called BioLite.

The CampStove was first used last week through Hurricane Sandy, when many residents lost power. It was a lifeline for them to be able to use the Stove not only to charge their phone and stay in touch with relatives, but I guess to heat food on as well.

The stove of course can burn sticks, pine cones, and biomass which helps it generate enough heat and power to be able to charge up a Smartphone battery, a USB torch, or any other USB gadgets (whilst toasting some marshmallows!).

If you want to get your hands on one, you can pick one up for $129 over on the BioLite site.

BioLite Chief Executive Jonathan Cedar said ‘We spent years developing the technology to offer a unique benefit to outdoor travellers to never have to carry fuel again.

‘Surplus electricity can be used to charge small electronic devices, making it a true on demand energy source.

‘The CampStove is a convenient and green choice, reducing an individual’s carbon footprint and keeping fuel canisters out of landfills by using twigs and other solid biomass instead of non-renewable petroleum gas.’

Here is a video of the device in action: