Cell Phone Recycling To Help Schools

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Schools in Belmont, California, hoped to benefit from an event designed to encourage people to recycle their old cell phones and other electrical appliances which was held on Saturday.

“Any small appliance with a cord is welcome,” Ardythe Andrews, School Force President, told the media prior to the event.  The cell phone recycling event was held in the same Caltrain parking lot which regularly stages the Belmont Farmer’s Market, although this is the very first time that such an electrical and used cell phone recycling event has been staged in the area.  The event ran from between eight in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon, and was free of charge.  “We welcome everyone,” Andrews declared, adding that “Hopefully, we’ll have a great turnout”.  The event aimed to raise money for all the schools in the local district as well as raise awareness of the importance of recycling electrical goods and used cell phones.

There was no limit on the number of old cell phones or other electrical goods that were allowed to be dropped off at the event, though people bringing more than three were required to fill in a state mandated form.  Used cell phones, desktop computers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, MP3 players and every form of electrical appliance imaginable were all on the list on the day, with Andrews noting that all computer hard drives were wiped and shredded to ensure the safety of the former owner’s information.

Andrews also added that however much money was raised by the recycling event, it would be put to good use.  “Every dollar counts,” Andrews said simply.  “We’re trying to make them count for our kids.”