Cell Phone Recycling Hitting Record High

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More old cell phones were reused and recycled during the twelve months which comprised 2010 than ever before, according to Full Circle Wireless, a company which prides itself on extending the usability of wireless cell phones and other devices.  Full Circle Wireless says that its own cell phone recycling numbers have grown by fifty five percent over the last few years as more and more companies attempt to ‘go green’, and adds that it personally redeployed or recycled thousands of old cell phones over the course of 2010.

“2010 was a year marked by tremendous growth and expansion for FCW,” says Shelton Basham, the chief executive office of Full Circle Wireless.  “There are a lot of strategic developments taking shape in the industry and 2011 will see an even more widespread adoption of green and wireless device redeployment practices, as well as increase in strategic partnering initiatives.”

The company says that around a hundred and forty eight million old cell phones become outdated and useless each and every year, with many ending up lying unused in drawers and the backs of cupboards as their owners are unaware of how to dispose of them properly but Full Circle Wireless says it is one of the companies best positioned to continue to change that situation.  “Full Circle has always offered and delivered unmatched services and customer service,” says the director of Children’s Programs for Harmonium, a company which sends its old cell phones to be recycled.  “It’s truly a great service and good for the environment.”