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Last updated April 12, 2019

Throwing out your old cell phone, digital camera, video recorder and gaming system is now not only very bad for the environment, it’s pretty bad for your wallet too.  Cell phone recycling, as well as the recycling of many other electrical goods and batteries, is the way of the future, and just to make sure the consumer gets the message, many companies (such as SellCell) are now offering financial compensation in order to ensure that people will be more likely to bring in their old cell phone for recycling rather than throw it out to become environmentally damaging landfill.

Among the companies that are actually now offering to pay their customers for the ability to recycle their products are those such as Gazelle, Nextworth and YouRenew, who take your old cell phones and other past their use by date electrical equipment and actually give you cold hard cash in return.  Best Buy is another company which runs a similar policy also.  These are not the only options for keen recyclers, however.  Many manufacturers are now also in the business of recycling their old own products, such as LG and Motorola and Nokia.  Nokia, in fact, goes even further than some, since they now allow any brand of old cell phones to be deposited at their Nokia Shoppee facilities.

Recycling old cell phones and electrical equipment is a relatively new and constantly evolving process that needs to be encouraged for all our futures.