Better Batteries?

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Anyone who uses cell phones or laptop computers knows the frustration of dealing with batteries that always seem to run out of power far too soon. The time has to be spent on recharging before they can be used again.  Yet while things have improved a little bit, some batteries, that are used on up-to-date notebook devices, which are operated with a very low power chipset, can last up to ten hours at a time.  However, the situation remains a long way from being ideal.  Not only the consumer feels this way but also the experts and they are hard at work trying to come up with a solution. 

Engineers at the University of Illinois believe they may be the ones to have found the solution.  This is in the form of a kind of ultra low power digital memory that is not only a lot faster but also uses around one hundred times less energy than other devices with a similar memory capacity.  This will then make the majority of batteries thus last a lot longer.

“The technology could give future portable devices much longer battery life between recharges,” the university claims.  The leader of the research-engineering group, Eric Pop, claims, “I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of charges and plugging things in every night can relate to wanting a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months”.

The team will publish the results of their research in an upcoming edition of Science Express.