Apps as Popular as Texts; Mobile Life Affecting Sleep

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Last updated April 12, 2019

According to Zokem, a mobile analytics company, people who use Android and iOS (iPhone) spent as much time using their applications as they do sending text messages.  The average user uses 15 apps per month; with 95% of Android/iPhone owners visiting their respective apps stores to download an average of 2.5 apps per month.

With all of those apps being used, is it any wonder that the National Sleep Foundation is reporting that 95% of Americans are reporting that they use their mobiles, laptops, or televisions within an hour of going to bed?  Or that six in ten of that 95% say that they have problems sleeping?

I remember reading an article several years ago, that suggested you not have a television in your bedroom, because it disrupts sleep.  That same article also said that having your computer desk in your bedroom was a bad idea.  The premise was that when your bedroom was turned into a multi-functional room, your mind’s association with it as a room for sleep is diminished.  Nevertheless, nowadays, with smartphones and laptops, it is a lot harder to keep the technology out.  I know I am guilty.  I can often be found sitting in bed watching television while surfing in the hour leading up to bedtime.  It is a terrible habit, but I do not see me breaking it any time soon – and that is I as an adult.  Our young people are much worse.

According to statistics I have read, around 50% of our teens take their mobiles to bed with them.  I know one girl who sleeps with hers and she says it wakes her up almost every night with a text or email.  It can’t be healthy.