The Benefits of Mobile Video Collaboration

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Last updated January 17, 2024

Video Collaboration

Due to its superior level of convenience and widespread adoption, mobile video collaboration is on the rise. As desktops are gradually losing their supremacy, as well as their ability to respond to the ever-growing needs and demands of modern businessmen, smartphones and tablets become the gadgets of choice utilized by top-rated companies to get in touch with clients, prospects and staff members.

Business-grade video collaboration from tablets or mobile devices is a dream come true. Regardless of your location and the type of platform and tools that you are using to stay connected (laptops, conference room video systems or mobile phones), you can reach the people who matter to you the most via a video call. A video conference conducted by making the most of a mobile device displays the highest level of flexibility and is associated with a wide range of advantages, including financial savings (no need to invest in specialized bridging hardware), fast and secure data sharing, a rich interaction with conference attendees and a deeper relationship with different categories of participants.

1) Improved Business Relationships That Do Not Involve 24/7 IT Support

Do you still think that mobile video collaboration was specifically designed to satisfy the demands of tech savvy people? If so, you may want to reconsider. Mobile devices have been created and introduced to simplify the way in which we communicate, not to make it more difficult to bond and exchange information. The same goes for mobile videoconferencing, which does not require costly IT support or insanely advanced tech skills.

Moreover, due to their portability and plethora of useful features, mobile devices allow individuals to use their spare time wisely and profit from every single opportunity that may arise to get in contact with a new client, partner or co-worker and solve a potential problem in a timely fashion. Staff members are no longer trapped in their offices; as long as they rely on mobile videoconferencing solutions they can take as many breaks as they need, visit different other locations and even enjoy a well-deserved vacation without worrying that their time spent outside the office could impact the company in a negative manner.

Mobile technology makes it easier for people to stay in touch, even while they’re on the run. According to Computer Weekly, “mobile devices enable improved access to existing desktop tools. The most common examples of mobile versions are email access on smartphones, instant messaging (IM) and Web conferencing tools. With very little IT intervention, employees can now make use of small amounts of time that would otherwise be unproductive, like waiting for meetings to start and queuing at airports.”

2) Flexibility, Reliability and User-Friendliness

According to Innovation Insights, “enterprise mobility and access to data will make your employees more productive and ensure appropriate collaboration, accountability and empowerment. It will allow your team to share information, and make decisions no matter where the team members are at any given time.”

Mobile access to a generous selection of apps, tools and websites makes it so much easier for clients, prospects and potential partners to interact with a certain company complete a transaction, schedule a meeting, check the status of an order that they’ve recently placed or simply broadcast a marketing message to support their future goals.

Pay-as-you-go plans turn mobile videoconferencing solutions into a reliable and affordable candidate introduced to revolutionize the business communication field. All in all, the business-grade video collaboration from mobile devices ensured by top players, like Blue Jeans for instance, allows users to take advantage of rich features and high-quality video even via their own 4G/LTE network.

3) Better Customer Service, Simplified Trainings and Management

It’s no secret that portable Internet-enabled devices have already changed the way in which we communicate and do business. Nonetheless, a recent report issued by a respectable research firm shows that companies embracing mobile video collaboration are often more productive than the rest.

According to a report on enterprise mobility and collaboration introduced by Aberdeen Group Sector Insight in 2012, entitled “Maximizing the Business Value of Mobile Video Collaboration,” mobile videoconferencing may be the key to improving the overall quality of customer service, while improving the learning/training process and supporting the rapid, cost-effective development of the enterprise.

This source indicates that “organizations with mobile video experienced more benefits than those without mobile video: 1.6-times more supported virtual attendance to corporate and work-related events for remote employees; over three-quarters more saw improved customer service and over one-half more observed improvements in learning and development.”

The report also highlights that a solid, user-oriented mobile videoconferencing solution like the one delivered by Blue Jeans should be seen as a major element comprised by the entire collaboration infrastructure, since it plays a decisive part in stimulating teamwork, boosting workforce productivity and enabling users to get more familiar with the collaboration culture.