Apps That Could Get You Fired

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Last updated April 12, 2019

While those annoying networking guys in IT can block you from accessing social media and playing games via your desktop, their control over your SmartPhone is highly limited.  So, it is easy to sneak a peek or even get caught up in ‘playing’ with your phone on company time.  But if that isn’t bad enough; some of the apps out there are questionable no matter where or when you play them.
Here are some Android apps that could just get you fired:
Weed Farmer and Nose Candy – two online gaming apps whose premise is, well, illegal drugs.
KG Dogfighting – ah yes, more illegal activity, only this time combined with animal cruelty.  Currently, there is a petition asking that Android Market ban this game.
Serial Killer Quote of the Day – some people love inspirational quotes; and this app pulls them from an unusual source, providing a quote along with information about the serial killer being quoted.
MiuMeet Flirt – this app lets you flirt and play with people near you for free! While it may sound tempting, I’m not so sure the boss would see the activity in a positive light.  Could be that, by using this app at work, you could find yourself with your days wide open.
AndSMB – this particular app doesn’t look so inappropriate, until you consider that it poses a security risk.  Another security risk type app is Backtrack5 Linux Installer, which allows the user to (according to the write up) “perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking”.