6 Wonderful MMA Apps You'll Want To Own If You Love The Sport

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Once you fall in love with MMA you think about it all the time. You’ll probably spend a lot of time training in the gym and watching fights on TV. Now that smartphone apps are blowing up you also have a ton of them dedicated to MMA that you can use when you’re on the go. We can take a quick peek at some of the best ones you might want to check out.

Joe Lauzon Mobile

When you get into MMA you want to emulate the people you look up to. You see them on TV showing off all their skills and you dream of the day you will be as good as them. If you want to get better you should copy your heroes and that is why you should use this app. Not only will you learn about some fantastic techniques, but you will also learn some amazing fight strategies that could turn you into a star. You will also get to see what it’s like to be a professional fighter.

MMA Torch

You can’t spend all your time in the gym otherwise you will end up breaking. When you’re not rolling around the floor or punching bags you will want to keep up-to-date with news surrounding mixed martial arts. This was actually one of the first apps available and it’s still a great one to use if you want breaking news delivered straight to your phone. It covers the UFC plus all the other big promotion companies too.

MMA Underground

We’ve got another great news app here that will deliver you all the information you will ever need, but the special thing about the app is the forums available to you. If you want to become fully immersed in the sport you will want to talk with millions of other fans from all around the world. Speaking to people who are more skilled than you is also a good way to become better, especially if you’re just starting out.


The UFC is definitely the most important company in the sport at the moment, so you will definitely want to pick up their dedicated app which happens to be more or less the exact same as their website. If you won’t be at home you can watch live fights or highlights straight from the app. You’ll also get to watch all the press conferences and weigh-ins without having to pay anything. If you’re okay about watching everything on a small screen you will love it.

Touchfit: GSP

Georges St. Pierre is a master of the art and his strength and fitness is second to none. If you want to learn how to get yourself in peak physical condition from the master himself you will need to use this app. It’s full of amazing workouts that will help you build superior strength, power, flexibility, and a whole lot more. You can perform the workouts at the gym or at home, so you will always be able to put yourself to the test.

MMA Ab Workout

Your core is probably the most important area you need to train because it needs to be very strong. You will get punched in the gut and kneed in the kidneys, so a strong mid-section will ensure you don’t lose a fight too easily. The app is full of amazing ab workouts that will hurt, but pain is just weakness leaving your body. If your current routine is comprised of nothing but crunches you don’t want to miss out on the secrets inside the app.

A little bit of everything

The apps we’ve talked about will turn you into a skilled, powerful fighter, plus they will let you stay up-to-date with every piece of information surrounding the sport. Check each of them out and you won’t be disappointed. If you love any others we’ve not mentioned you can let us know in the comment section below.

This post has been contributed by Travis Bliffen, an avid blogger who often writes for Combat Corner, a company dealing in a range of training equipment and safety gear. Her hobbies include stitching and crochet.