5 Top Tips to Make Extra Cash after Christmas

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Last updated June 5, 2020

Have you overspent in preparation for Christmas? Have the pressures of that brand new gadget on your child’s Christmas list left your credit cards maxed out?  Join the club!

As New Year approaches the need to pay for the excesses of the Christmas period becomes a reality.  With savings depleted and credit cards looking a bit sorry for themselves, what can you quickly do to make a few extra bucks?

Tip 1: Sign up to get Cashback


Cashback companies have been in existence for over a decade, but there are still a massive proportion of the US population that haven’t signed up to one of these programmes to save money!  Cashback sites, simply partner with the some of the leading online retailers to offer you cashback when you buy an item off the retailers sites

Popular cashback sites are Befrugal and Ebates.  With these sites you can sign up to receive cashback against your favourite retail purchases

Tip 2: Become a Mystery Shopper


You can make some extra money by becoming a Mystery Shopper.  To do this, you will be asked to secretly review a whole host of services.  These can include overnight stays in hotels or the speed of service in a popular retailer.  Most of the Mystery Shopper services will pay a fee for completing the work

You can visit these sites to sign up to become a Mystery Shopper and potentially earn some extra money – BestMark Market Force

Tip 3: Sell your Old Mobile Phones & Tablets


Many of you will have brought a new phone and left the old phone in the drawer at home, forgetting to sell it or thinking it may be used in the future. Alternatively, you will have upgraded your device and relied on the carrier network to take our old device off your hands for a significantly lower fee

To make the maximum amount of money when selling your old phones or tablets it is worth looking to sell through a Mobile Phone Buy Back Company that specialises in buying old phones and tablets

To make sure that you are getting the very best price for your old device you can visit comparison sites like SellCell.  These professional comparison sites will list a range of the leading BuyBack companies in the US. SellCell.com also offers a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ to users to ensure that they are offered the very best price for their old phone or tablet

Tip 4: Reviewing Websites & Apps


If you love reviewing websites and testing out apps on your mobile, you could earn up to $60 per test for trialling new sites and apps.  Sites like UserTesting.com give you the opportunity to review a brand new website or an app that is about to launch

Once you have completed the review you will simply provide your verbal opinion.  Sounds nice and simple to provide a extra dollars for the New Year!

Tip 5: Rent out a Spare Parking Space

parking space

If you have a spare place on your driveway, or could easily park in the your garage, believe it or not you can make an extra few dollars by renting out this space.  Happy Days!

There are some well established online partners that will happily advertise the space you have available and provide payment when it is booked

Take a look at  Your Parking Space and Park on my Drive

There you have it, 5 simple and easy ways of avoiding the January Blues by ensuring that you have some additional revenue in the New Year

Why not make a start by selling your old tablets or phones by visiting www.SellCell.com to get the most comprehensive range of prices from leading US BuyBack companies