5 IOS Apps For The Mountain Biker In You

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Last updated January 10, 2024

Are you someone who owns a smartphone and likes mountain biking? Perfect! How about combining the two and taking some technology along with you on your trail? Right from helping you navigate your trails and tracking your performance, to fixing your bike and finding new biking routes, there are a number of nifty apps you can lay your hands on in order to have the most ultimate mountain biking experience! What follows is a list of 5 such noteworthy iOS apps for you to start off with.

Bike Repair

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast and a regular in the woods, Bike Repair by Atomic Software’s is one app that you definitely won’t regret having. The app gives you access to the most simple and complete bicycle repair and maintenance guide, at the tap of a finger! This includes step-by-step instructions for several common repairs that you might be likely to face while you’re on the trail. Packed with over 87 bicycle problems explained, more than 60 highly detailed photo repair guides, and with over 300 quality photos, Bike Repair covers all common bike repair problems that you can fix on your own. If that wasn’t enough, the app also offers tips on maintaining your bike properly, and even addresses common aches and pains that you might suffer while biking.


ViewRanger Outdoors GPS & Maps

If you’re a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, ViewRanger Outdoor GPS and Maps is an ultimate off-road GPS guide that you’re better off having than not. This is an app that offers a complete offline mapping, navigation, and guided trail service for those days that you wish to spend exploring the countryside or the woods. There are many good GPS apps out there that can locate you on a map and give you directions; however, ViewRanger does a lot more than just that. With ViewRanger, you can plan your trip, plot the route, locate your location, get navigated to your destination, record your tracks, and much more! What’s more, you can choose the best map and you’ll always know your mapped location even if your mobile has no signal! Furthermore, the app also supports location sharing, social media integration, and synchronized web services – ideal for passionate mountain bikers like you to share your adventurous experiences with loved ones.


Bicycle Gear Calculator

If you’re into biking, Bicycle Gear Calculator – Bike Gears is yet another classy bike app that can be used to calculate gear ratios, gear inches, development and gain ratios by using the measurements of your bike such as the crank arm length and size of the tire. If you enjoy skidding on your fixie bike, you can use the app’s Skid Patch Analyzer to visualize your tire’s wear spots and choose optimal gearing to optimize the longevity of your tires. If you’re building your own customized bike, this app is ideal for personalized measurements. Whether you are a bike builder, a BMX rider, a mountain biker, or even a bike mechanic, Bicycle Gear Calculator is definitely a must have.


IMB Free Mountain Bike Magazine

If mountain biking is your thing, check out this free IMB app offering you a digital version of your favorite mountain bike magazine. An ideal way to stay updated on your favorite outdoor activity, IMB is a free mountain bike magazine that focuses on all possible areas of mountain biking. Be it cross country, enduro, trail riding, freeride, downhill, or even freestyle, this magazine which is published every 2 months, has it all covered. Via this app users can get access to the entire magazine packed full of reviews on equipment, trail guides, technique articles, pictures, video, and stories from the world of mountain biking. The app further involves regular video technique sessions for beginners, intermediates, as well as experts. Overall, this is a great app to keep yourself updated regarding your favorite sport.


Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS

Runtastic Mountain Bike GPS Pro is a stunning app that efficiently converts your iPhone into the most perfect bike computer and an ideal biking companion. The app is armed with some stunningly incredible features that help you track every aspect of your trail. You can use the app to track your performance, which includes the time take, distance covered, speed, elevation, heart rate, as well as amount of calories burnt. Users can track their trails in real-time and share them with family and friends. The app has a route search option that allows you to ride thousands of mountain bike routes, and it also gives you access to offline maps for off tracks and downhill trails without GSM coverage. Overall, this is an incredible app that will motivate the mountain biker in you.


Today’s feature writer, Stuart Parker, is a sales professional at Regal Bicycles, a company dealing in a range of fixed gear bicycles. He is a diligent employee and he enjoys going on long drives and road trips with his family in his leisure time.