5 Great Apps That Will Help You Kick Smoking For 2014

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Last updated January 10, 2024

If cigarettes were invented today there is no way they would be legal. You would have to buy them from a dealer standing on a street corner, so I can definitely understand why you want to quit. Smelly clothes, lung cancer, and yellow teeth are just a few of the treats you would get to enjoy if you kept smoking every day.

I don’t expect you to find it easy to quit because most people don’t, but you might find it slightly more easier if you use one of these cool apps.



The trouble with some people is that they don’t realize there are different approaches you can take when it’s time to kick your habit. It’s a little like losing weight and some people will prefer some approaches over others. When someone fails for the first time they usually give up. This great app will help you find a way to quit smoking that fits in with your current lifestyle and after analyzing different data points it will come up with a plan it thinks you’ll be able to stick to.

Quit It Lite


Do you have anyone who can support you while you work hard to beat cigarettes for good? Even a little encouragement can go a long way, so if you don’t have a partner to cheer you on it’s definitely a good idea to give Quit It Lite a try. Once you stop the app will count up all those cigarettes you’ve not touched and it will come back with exciting data like how much money you’ve saved. You can then share your results on Facebook so everyone knows how good you’re doing.

My Last Cigarette


This app is all about giving you the information you need to scare you into staying away from your next packet of cigarettes. First you will need to give the app as much information as possible about your current habits. It will give you great tips on how to improve your health and it will give you estimates of your nicotine and CO2 levels compared to before. If you don’t know how many people have died since your last cigarette you’ll find that out too.

Craving To Quit


If you don’t want to spend much money to kick your habit you might not want this app, but considering the amount of money you spend on cigarettes it’s probably worth it. The reason it’s so expensive is because it’s a full 21 day program developed by a specialist. You will actually be allowed to smoke as you follow along with the program, but you start with a normal allowance and work your way slowly down until you’re completely smoke free. You’ll even be helped through any urges you might have.

Butt Out


Smokers must realize how much money they spend ever year trying to kill themselves, but it doesn’t seem real to them because it’s easy to ignore. You won’t be able to ignore it when you use the Butt Out app because it will tell you how much you’re saving. The chances of you picking up certain illnesses also decreases as soon as you stop smoking and the app will tell you how much your health is improving each day. Surely your money and health are more important than a little white stick.

Starting from now

When do you get to call yourself an ex-smoker? Unless you have a cigarette in your mouth you can call yourself one right now. You are the only person who can stop you from smoking, so I suggest you start walking down the long road to normal health today before it’s too late.

This article is authored by Nancy Baker, an employee at Esmoker Canada, a leading provider of flavored electronic cigarettes. She enjoys playing golf and often spends her weekends at the link.