2 Year Old Girl Saves Mum with Cell Phone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A 2 year old girl is being hailed a hero for saving her mother’s life by using an old cell phone to call for help in Houston in the United States. Larissa Taylor collapsed in her home on Thursday, falling near the bed of her other daughter, who is just twenty four months old, and lying in a manner that prevented her from being able to breathe. Luckily for Larissa, Lia Vega, her two-year-old daughter, grabbed a nearby cell phone and pressed twice on the call button, which dials the last number to be called – that of her grandmother, Bobbie Gonzalez. Lia told her grandmother that she could not get her mother to wake up, and Gonzalez raced to the rescue.

“Her mother will call and let her talk to me a lot, but using the phone and calling me on her own, I was very surprised,” Gonzalez admits.

Taylor was taken to hospital, where she was told that she had suffered seizures due to being diabetic and hypoglycemic, with low blood sugar causing the seizures.

“I don’t know how my daughter knew to call my mom or anything,” Taylor says. “I never taught her how to use the phone and she saved my life that day.” Doctors told the family that had she remained lying in the position she was in for more than ten minutes, she would not have survived. “I’ve been calling her my superhero,” Taylor admits.