Who Buys Cell Phones?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

When it comes time to upgrade to a new cell phone, you may want to think about disposing of your old cell phone properly.  This could mean donating it, trading it in, or selling it.  Nevertheless, while donating it seems pretty straight forward and trading it in only requires your cell phone service provider, who buys cell phones?

Some cell phone stores will give you cash for your cell phone.  Unfortunately, usually it does not amount to much.  The price offered is typically the same as you would get if you traded your phone in; sometimes even less.

eBay is another place to find buyers for your cell phone.  However, as I mentioned earlier this week, selling on eBay can be a hassle.  If your phone is not worth much, it isn’t worth the effort.

Popular these days are the online cell phone recyclers; the people we deal with here at Sell Cell.  Online recyclers tend to give the best money when it comes to selling your cell phone.  The exception is if you have a much sought-after handset, which can bring more via auction than recycling.  However, in most instances, recycling online will net you more cash.

However, do not take my word for it.  Ask your cell phone provider how much they will give you for your phone in trade.  If there are shops in your area that buy phones, ask them what kind of deal they will make.  Then, look at our site and see what the recyclers are offering.  Then go with the overall best deal.