Concert Promotes Cell Phone Recycling Drive

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A concert is being staged in Northern Illinois to help promote a recycling collection event, in the hope that the show will further encourage people to bring and drop off their old cell phones and other items such as batteries and ink cartridges.  ‘Reuse-a-palooza’, as the concert and recycling event has been named, is being hosted by the Northern Illinois University Environmental Alliance (also known as The Green Peas).  This will feature no less than twelve acts on the bill, including the likes of Grateful Dead tribute band DOSE, along with Jack Mack, CPW Rovers, two late night DJ sets and even a spoken word artist in the form of Emanuel Vinson.

It makes for a diverse event, and Eric Sterling, junior major at Northern Illinois University and a member of The Green Peas, says that approach is entirely deliberate.  “We thought the only way to be able to connect with a lot of different people was to book a very eclectic night of music that will draw on a broad range of sensibilities and emotions and the way they look at the world,” he says.  “We didn’t want this (The Green Peas) to be a bake sale group or this clique that sits around with their buddies and has ten people in there and they raise a few bucks, but nothing really happening on campus.  We thought the only way to get things moving and shaking is to get more of a broad spectrum of people involved.”