Vodafone Breaks it Down for Q1

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Last updated April 12, 2019

First quarter figures show Vodafone losing 139,000 customers.  I was not one of them; I bailed on Vodafone two years ago.  But, the highly-popular UK mobile service provider is still going strong despite the loss.  Here are the UK figures for the quarter broken down:
•    Lost 139,000 customers
•    Added 206,000 new contract customers (down from 245,000 last year)
•    Churn rate: 16.3 per cent contract, 64.5 per cent pre-pay (the churn rate is the percentage of lost subscribers over a period of time)
•    48 per cent of Vodafone’s customers are pre-pay
Still, despite the somewhat unattractive numbers, Vodafone revenues went up by 1.7 per cent to £1.215 billion; and this was despite the fact that termination rates were regulated and reduced in April.  A lot of the revenue was as a result of data packages and the increased number of customers using smartphones.
CEO Vittorio Colao said: “We have made a good start to the year, reporting robust results despite challenging macroeconomic conditions across southern European economies and the impact of cuts to mobile termination rates.  Revenue from our key focus areas of data, enterprise and emerging markets continues to grow strongly.  With our broad geographical mix and improving market positions, we are well placed for the rest of the financial year.”
Vodafone is ranked as one of the UK’s top mobile service providers.  They are also one of the big names currently in the process of improving their in-store customer service.