Used Cell Phones More Important Than Daily Tasks

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Around 33 percent of Americans think their used cell phones are more important than daily tasks, according to a new survey.  Wireless location based services company TeleNav has conducted a survey with the intention of finding out just how important cell phones are to people in the United States in relation to various other elements of life’s pleasures and necessities, including Brushing your teeth, and eating chocolate.

The company asked respondents to the survey to decide which would be the most difficult or unpleasant to live without for a week, and the results were a little bit on the surprising side.  514 people of driving age who use cell phones participated in the study and of those 514 (254 of whom were male, with the remaining 260 being females), no less than a third would prefer to go without sex for a week than give up their cell phones, with 70 percent of that third being women.  Even more strikingly, no less than 22 percent of smartphone users admitted that they would rather go for seven days without seeing their significant other than be without that device for such a long time.

With or without the presence of another human being, an astounding 66 percent of the survey respondents claimed that they go to bed at night with their cell phones next to them as they sleep.