Used Cell Phones Back in Schools

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A trial run to see whether the use of new and old cell phones in a high school would be a success has been well received by both students and parents in Maine Township School District in the United States.  The current rules – which insist that all cell phones be turned off and kept out of sight all day at school – were suspended on the eighteenth of April to try out a new and more relaxed policy.  The school board will make a decision regarding the devices about whether to implement the policy on a permanent basis before the commencement of the next school calendar year.
The results of the trial, which were presented to the board on the seventh of June, showed that both parents and students were strongly in favor of the scheme.  The new rules allow principals to declare some parts of the school as places where students are allowed to use cell phones.  It also gives teachers permission to let students use their cell phones in class if there is a good reason to do so.  Parents came out as being strongly in favor of the new rules, with many relying on the cell phone to let their child know when they will be picked up from school.  “Finally I am able to communicate with my child,” one parent noted.